at happy ocean we
‘see food’ differently.

We are committed to living in harmony with our oceans and being part of the
solution that returns them to their natural balance. By creating plant-based
sea-food alternatives we eliminate the need for mass fishing and commercial
fisheries. This helps move the sea-life out of harm’s way so the oceans can rebound
and let the planet breathe.

Soak that in - save the oceans, save the planet.

Together we can make our oceans happy and restore the ‘ultimate aquarium’

Calling like-minded spirits

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our oceans happy again then let’s

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plant-based seafood innovators

Got a great plant-based seafood product? Happy Ocean wants to help you get it to market quickly so together we can take fish off the menu. We provide access to funding and network expertise.

plant-based technologists

Cooking up a plant-based breakthrough in your lab? Happy Ocean can help fund your work and connect you to commercial partners to accelerate your innovation to the store shelf.

plant-based investors

Interested in investing? We are assembling an unparalleled platform of food innovation in one of the fastest growing sectors of alternative proteins. Plant-based expertise meets science and technology across the largest range of product categories.

Interested in partnering with us?

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